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Image of "Papua's Sweetie" Tiki Mug - #43/50

"Papua's Sweetie" Tiki Mug - #43/50

$80.00 — Coming soon

"Papua's Sweetie"

Designed and produced by Michael Shigeru Sbicca for Jungle Modern Ceramics.

Limited edition to 50 pieces in this color combo. There will also be a handful of AP one-off's at some point and possibly a small run for a bar, with variation from this design.
""Papua's Sweetie" is my attempt to step in another direction with my work, while keeping within my style.

I like raw and primitive design, but have always wanted to make something a little softer, even cute, while not feeling like a sellout. Well, when the ideas flow, you just go with them.

While carving a Papua New Guinea inspired wall tile, the lips looked a little feminine, and I thought, 'ha! here's my chance to try something different, let's make her sweet and cute.'

In the end, I felt like she was one of my more original pieces, and just fell in love with her. Upon obssessing over her a little more, I knew a mug had to be made, even if no one loves her as much as I do.

The ultimate compliment would be for a father to buy this for his daughter's first Tiki mug.

Thank you for the support and helping keep the art dream alive."

- Michael Shigeru Sbicca
9" tall x 6" wide including the dress.

Holds 16 fluid ounces with 1" space from the lip or a little more of you want to fill it to the top.

Domestic shipping is $15 within the US and $35 for the rest of the world.

Image of "Papua's Sweetie" Tiki Mug - #43/50 Image of "Papua's Sweetie" Tiki Mug - #43/50 Image of "Papua's Sweetie" Tiki Mug - #43/50 Image of "Papua's Sweetie" Tiki Mug - #43/50
Image of "Kongo-Kai" Tiki Mug - LE/40 Image of "Kongo-Kai" Tiki Mug - LE/40
"Kongo-Kai" Tiki Mug - LE/40
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